The Elephant in the Room

21 Nov

Men, fathers, we have a real problem on our hands, and it is one that needs to be dealt with swiftly, determinedly, and yes, violently, in a sense, because our sons and their identities hang in the balance.  If we would rescue our sons, and help shape them into strong, masculine men of God and Warriors of Virtue, we must address the overarchingly feministic and effeminate state of affairs in our country today, and in the church. Feministic attitudes and overtures are so prevalent, and so ingrained, into everyday society these days, that it feels counterintuitive, and even offensive to a great many, to challenge the norms.  But challenged is exactly what they must be, because we have lost an entire generation, and are at the point of nearly losing two, of men to the ravages of softness and ineffectiveness, in the name of religion.  There’s some ironclad history that shows the trend’s beginnings, which were innocouous enough, as men were off to war, and women and children were the only attenders of weekly worship events, so the approach was tailored.  Yet I see Satan seizing upon an opportunity to ‘castrate the gelding’, as CS Lewis put it, and then actually make people believe he could continue to be fruitful.  A castrated male culture is just about the best thing an adversary of God could hope for.  And I have decided that I don’t mind being the one up front who gets hammered by popular, nonsensical resistance, because the door needs to be forced open.  We need men, and men need to be able to worship and express their allegiance to God and Christ in the way GOD CREATED US, not according to a fairly recent societal shift.  I will always fight for a woman’s nature and God-resemblance to come to the front, because it is how God created himself IN her, and it needs to shine.  However, without men advancing the kingdom in the way God made THEM, it will not work.  I’m tired of tender, loving, kind, soft, effeminite Jesus.  I’m tired of being forced to sing silly songs about resting my head upon his breast, or receiving a kiss from him, or being ‘lost in love’, when it comes to my King, riding on a white horse, robe dipped in blood, sword drawn, eyes on fire, ready for war.  This gentle harmless lamb stuff is being peddled far too much, because it appeals to feminine sensibilities and those of young children.  It will be patently offensive, and many will look at it as even ‘unchristlike’, because of the repainting of Jesus with flowers and makeup, but men have GOT to start relating to our Father and our Brother as the Warriors they are, and the Warriors they created US to be, without apology, without holding back, and without being railroaded into this little, ineffective corral of sickly sweet emotionalism.  Jesus was not a ‘feminist’.  He just held a proper view of everyone, because He created them, and knows them better than some idiotic societal more ever could.  He also had much bigger fish to fry, a kingdom to advance behind enemy lines, and an adversary to war against.  And if we men don’t stop this counterintuitive effeminate approach to him ourselves, we will never advance an inch.

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