New Daddy Feeling

23 Aug

I remember very well the day my eldest son was born.  I was one proud parent!  He was just perfect.  No, he couldn’t walk yet, and no, he couldn’t talk yet.  He could barely make out my facial features, even.  But he knew my voice.  I remember walking over to the ‘warming table’, where he was screaming his lungs out.  For months, I had been talking to him, inside his mommy’s belly, and so I leaned over to his ear, and said, “Hey, buddy.”  The crying stopped, and he turned his head toward me, looking my direction.  It was an incredible moment, one that I will never forget.

Though it pales in comparison, by a mile, there is a similarity between that event and the announcement of the first official Trailhead Outfitters adventure. In a sense, I feel like the newborn baby boy.  It’s not walking yet, it’s can’t really articulate everything the way I’d like.  Heck, I can’t even make out where I’m going.  BUT…I can hear the Voice.  And, in the midst of this unknown place, unknown circumstances, unknown destination, the Voice is a comforting reminder that my Father is here, even if I know nothing else.  And it’ll all be okay.

But I also feel like the new Daddy.  This is my baby, in a manner of speaking.  I’ve anticipated this day for awhile now.  I’ve watched it grow, getting ready for the big day.  And now, here I stand, looking at this tiny, helpless wonder in front of me.  No, it can’t stand on its own yet.  It isn’t close to what it will one day be yet, and I have no idea what shape that will take.  But it hardly matters.  It’s here.  And I’m proud.

September 16-17, 2011 is the date of our first Trailhead Outfitters Adventure, and it will be at Davy Crockett State Park in Tennessee.  More details will be listed at the facebook site, which you can link to from the blog on the icon to the right.  Check the ‘event’ tab, and sign up!  Look forward to a great time together camping, hiking, exploring, and just having a ton of fun with our boys!

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